About us

Back in 2013 we got the idea to make the Hookah delivery service in Prague. We were literally taken up with hookahs and wanted to change the whole hookah industry in the Czech Republic. We ordered a couple of hookahs from Egypt, registered in social network and it all started. You could see us with a big bag "IKEA" on the subway riding from point to point always being on time. People liked our hookahs and our customer base had been expanding rapidly. We were invited to make hookahs at parties, corporate parties, our reputation was quick spreading all around the city. 

 Next step was the idea to place our hookahs in certain permanent spots and it worked out perfectly. Almost the whole city knew about Smokeberry.




 In 2015 we mustered up our strength and opened doors of our own Hookah spot in Prague (Czech Republic). From the first day it became "FULL". Our outstanding feature was Hookah on fruit. We developed our own technology for making hookahs, such that our hookahs became the smokiest ones in the city. Our dream had been achieved. 

 The same year we set a goal to make not just a Hookah but to turn it into a large network of Hookahs and we began to expand our services. 



That year we opened the SMB Wear project (our own clothing brand). Also, we began to make sushi and decided to do it perfectly well. We hired a high qualified sushi chef with experience of over 7 years. We managed to make a really cool recipe and we can confidently say that our sushi is in the top rank in Prague now. 


In 2017 we launched another project, Prague Games (SMB Games), the goal of which was to unite our guests who love cyber sport and sport. Now we are planning to make tournaments on an ongoing basis. Also, that year became a significant one by the fact that we began building a system and packing our franchise. In 2017 the popular Czech portal Stream.cz. released the article about our Hookah. 



 2018 appeared to be very productive for us. We opened our second spot in the very center of Prague. It took us some time and a lot of efforts to develop recipes of dishes (burgers, pasta, etc.). We reached a new level and Smokeberry became a chain of restaurants with hookahs. Our activities continued to expand. That year we sponsored the concert of the most popular Czech rapper Ektor. Our brand was on an equal footing with such large companies as RedBull and Play station. In 2018 we took part in the Hookah Battle in Frankfurt and had our first franchise contract. 

 We are very grateful to 2018 but want to assure you will be surprised even more in 2019. It is going to be extremely interesting, bright and diverse year.