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Partnership program for influencers, bloggers, and simply for those who has more than 3000 followers

Let's start the partnership right now!

About our program.

We are partnering with many influencers/bloggers on a constant basis, and we decided too create a platform, where you also will be able to earn together with us. Simply share the promocode assigned to you in your social media and start earning

How it works:

Step 1. 

You share a post/stories, engaging your followers to sign in to Smokeberry app. For subscription, Your follower immediately  will receive  200 czk on his account in the app, but they are eligible for it, only in case of entering your unique promo Code. After this, new user will be assigned to your profile and you will start to earn from his spendings. 

Step 2. 

User registered with your promo code, visit any Smokeberry. After spending some nice time in our place, he will pay his bill and request the cashback in the app. For instance , If his bill is 1000 czk, the user will get 30 czk (3%) in the form of cashback to his account , while you will get 70 czk (7%) of real money which you can then withdraw. 

Step 3. 

Every time user registered under your promo code visit Smokeberry and request the cashback, you will get 7% from his bill , until your total remuneration from this one particular user will achieve 700czk.

For better understanding, we have an example of earning:
14700 CZK per 

Let's assume that we have 300 users, registered under your promocode.
Every user would visit Smokeberry at least once a month with the average bill of 700 CZK
That means that monthly you will be able to earn 14700 CZK for the period of 14 month





You are able to earn up to 700 CZK for every user registered inder your promocode



information about all transactions and payments is availiable online any time you wish

Without any obligations


it is up to you when and how to promote the information

Receiving payouts


You can withdraw money whenever you want. The minimum amount for withdrowing is 300 CZK

Sign up right now!

High payout.

Registered under your promocode user will receive 3% cashback from the money spent, while you will receive 7% from the same amount. From every registered user you can receive 700CZK in total (this is the 7% of the total amount a new user should spent to reach the 2nd level of cashback, in other words, you will be getting payment from new user untill he or she reaches the 2nd level).


You will receive the virtual payments to your account in app, right in the moment when users registered under your promocode will pay the bill and recieve the cashback. All transactions are availiable online. Moreover in our app you wll find an analytics of users joined our program thanks to you

Without any obligations.

It is up to you when and how to share the information. We will not have any agreements on the quantity and frequency of publications. You know your audience better than anyone else, and you are free to choose, we will only provide you with recomendations

Receiving payouts.

You can get payouts whenever you want. The minimum amount for withdrowing is 300 CZK

How to start a partnership:

Step 1

Sigh up in our app

Step 2

When the registration is completed, contact us in DM in Instagram and inform us that you'd like to participate in partners program

Step 3

You will be assigned a promocode and get an access to your account. now you can start to share with your audience

Sign up right now!

  • How fast I will be able to get the payment for one registered user?
    As you would earn your comission after the user registered under your promocode will pay the bill in Smokeberry, the speed of earning the full amount depends on how often the user would visit Smokeberry and how much he/she would spend. It is possible to get the full amount for one month, but at the same time it could take half a year We pay for users who really visiting Smokeberry, that's why the payouts per one user could be so high. The market average payout is equal to 100czk per user, while we pay 700 CZK
  • How would you know that the new registered user joined thanks to me?
    That's why we assign a promocode to you, which you will use during your promotional campaigns. User must enter your promocode during the registration, otherwise we will not be able to see that this user joined thanks to you. To motivate your followers to use promocode, we offer some additional benefits to those who would use the promocode during the regostration
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